GeoSmart Lite Ground Cover

GeoSmart Lite Ground Cover

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GeoSmart Ground Cover Lite 

1m wide x up to 100m length 100gsm Black

  • Professional quality weed control fabric/membrane.
  • Lets water and nutrients through to the ground.
  • Reduces light to stunt weed growth.
  • Easy to cut and wrap around existing plants.
  • UV stabilized 10x10 mesh.
  • Simple to plant through.
  • Cover with bark, mulches, pebbles, slate gravel etc.
  • Guidelines for even easy planting.

Directions for Use

  1. Ensure the area to be covered is weed free and rake the soil to a smooth surface.
  2. Unroll the ground cover to the required length and cut with scissors. Adjacent sections to be overlapped by 8cm (approx 3").
  3. Fit fabric around existing plants by cutting a cross in the fabric.
  4. Cover with at least 5cm (2") of your chosen material (soil,gravel etc).

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